Who Needs Love Like That
Heavenly Action
Oh Lamour
It Doesn't Have To Be
Victim Of Love
The Circus
Ship Of Fools
Chains Of Love
A Little Respect
Crackers International
You Surround Me
Blue Savannah
La Gloria
Love To Hate You
Rock Me Gently
Am I Right
Breath Of Life
Push Me Shove Me (ERAS1)
Who Needs Love Like That (ERAS2)
Sometimes (ERAS3)
Voulez Vous (ERAS4)
Who Needs Love Like That (1992)
Run To The Sun
I Love Saturday
Stay With Me
Fingers And Thumbs
&nbsp - (2 items)
In My Arms
Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me
Moon and the sky
Solsbury Hill
Don't Say You Love Me
Here I Go Impossible Again - All This Time
I Could Fall In Love With You
Sunday Girl
Storm Chaser
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Erasure - Fingers And Thumbs

US   Swe  

Artist: Erasure
Title: Fingers And Thumbs
Format: 12"
Catalouge number: ED5817
Country: US
Label: Elektra
Release Year:
Press: Promo


US promo 12" in stickered sleeve

A 1. Fingers And Thumbs Tin Tin Out Remix 8.02
  2. Fingers And Thumbs Tin Tin Out Instrumental 8.02
B 1. Fingers And Thumbs Dub On The Moon 8.41
  2. Fingers And Thumbs Twilight Plus 7.51

Remixed/Produced by:

A 1. Tin Tin Out (Darren Stokes, Lindsay Edwards)
  2. Tin Tin Out (Darren Stokes, Lindsay Edwards)
B 1. Francois Kevorkian, Mathias Heilbronn
  2. Thomas Fehlmann


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US   Swe  

Artist: Erasure
Title: Fingers And Thumbs
Format: LCD
Catalouge number: LCDMute178
Country: Swe
Label: Mute
Release Year:
Press: Normal release


CD 1. Fingers And Thumbs Tin Tin Out Remix 8.02
  2. Fingers And Thumbs Dub On The Moon 8.41
  3. Fingers And Thumbs Electrofinger 6.57
  4. Fingers And Thumbs Twilight Plus 7.51

Remixed/Produced by:

CD 1. Tin Tin Out (Darren Stokes, Lindsay Edwards)
  2. Francois Kevorkian, Mathias Heilbronn
  3. Thomas Fehlmann
  4. Thomas Fehlmann